How to win the Fantasy 5 Lottery: A Simple Strategy

Everyone wants to win Fantasy 5 Lottery. Everybody who participated may have devised strategies or used luck to win the Fantasy 5 Lottery. While some are successful, many others remain at the losing end.

Fantasy 5 Lottery is one of the most popular lottery bets. Matching all five numbers is 1 in 376 992, compared to a million to one chance of matching six numbers. Fantasy 5 Lottery games use a random selection of numbers. It data sgp is unlikely that anyone or any computer program can predict the numbers that will be drawn. The first tip I’ll share with you is not to spend money on lottery software that claims to be able to predict the winning numbers.

A second tip to win the Fantasy 5 lottery is not to trust the Quick Picks (computer-generated picks). Why? Quick picks have been responsible for fifty percent of the Fantasy 5 Lottery Jackpot winners in the last five years. You should think twice before you sign your Fantasy 5 play slip. A Quick Pick could make your day. Take a look back at the past. The best way to dramatically increase your chances of winning the Fantasy 5 Lottery Jackpot, as well as the 3, 4, 5, and Matches jackpots, is to review the archive of winning numbers that were drawn previously. You can play safe and choose numbers that are more often drawn than those drawn in cold I draws. You can view archives of numbers that have been won before to get a great look at these numbers. For potential jackpot winners, there are reports that can be purchased and published online. It is possible to see which 36 numbers were drawn the most often over the past 5 years. This will give you a better idea of the winning numbers.

Here are some simple strategies to win the Fantasy 5 Lottery

1. You can play a combination of odd numbers and even numbers, such as 2 odds, 3 chances, or vice versa. These combinations have a 66.19% win rate over a 5-year span, according to the report.

2. According to the Report, in a combination it is better to play 3 low numbers and 2 high numbers combinations or vice versa. This combination yields 67.18% as the winning percentage.

3. It’s all about the winning numbers. The numbers that are most often hit are the winning ones.

4. But don’t play the exact same set twice – make wise choices. The report says that the same sets are very rare in any given period of 5 years.

5. You shouldn’t play an all-even or all-odd combination. You are not likely to win.

6. As you can see, it is not possible to play all low numbers and all high numbers together.

7. It is always a good idea to include quick picks in your Fantasy 5 Lottery play.