Mark Roemer Oakland Shares Ways to Monetize Your Personal Brand


In the day of social media, going viral isn’t anything new. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, while people may get famous and build a personal brand, they often fail to come up with ways to monetize their brand. Let’s solve that problem in this article:


The Details


  1. Share your insights in an audiobook or eBook – People have ambitions and want to satisfy their hunger for knowledge to improve themselves. You can help them do that through e-learning. Numerous free and premium tools allow you to offer your digital products without any hassles. You can publish guides and how you solve problems in an eBook. Most of your readers or fanbase would rather pay a few dollars for an instructional and information guide instead of paying a lot of money for a personal coach. You can also do the same with audiobooks, an industry that is growing every day.


  1. Offer services – Providing a useful service takes a lot of time, patience, and perseverance. However, it’s one of the most lucrative ways to earn money with your personal brand. While you can offer your services on Upwork and Fiverr, they are mass-market platforms that don’t allow you to reach your full potential, especially if you have a personal brand. Instead, when you work on your own, you can charge a premium price for your services without paying a large chunk of it to such platforms.


It’s also important to be diligent while providing a service so that you can create lasting relationships with your clients. You want to provide such an excellent service and experience, that you become the default or at least the first option whenever your client needs a similar service in the future.


  1. Create your own products – Merchandise and personal brand products are the bread and butter of influencers. You can create your own products and reap heavy profits if you hold a significantly large audience. While creating and setting up a supply chain for physical products is a massive headache, the returns are equally enticing. Moreover, when your customers have a real physical product in their homes, they will have something to remind them about you every day. This also helps to maintain your influence.


  1. Help others with your masterclass – As mentioned before, people want to learn and improve themselves. If you can arm them with the necessary knowledge and skill, you would get rewarded for it. You can organize workshops or masterclasses and sell reservations of the same to your audience. This doesn’t just give your fans an opportunity for an up-close meet and greet, but also allows you to teach them important skills. For instance, if you have made a name for yourself in creative writing, you can teach others to do the same in one broad or several smaller fragmented and focused topics.



Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you create e-learning resources, offer products, and take other tips from this article to monetize your personal brand.

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