padini case study Review -Bargaining power of buyers

From the analysis of padini case study ,it  cannot be deny that, bargaining power of buyers for Padini is High as there are many competitors in the same industry. Padini has the same customer base as its competitors.  Therefore, customers are able to switch to competitors brand easily.

When users switch from one product to another they are clearly indicating either that the original product is no longer satisfying their needs or that another product being offered by a competing firm is more attractive. Besides that, the rising level of incomes and variety of brands and labels in the industry have resulted that consumers is more focus in their needs and preferences.

But, the world is change rapidly; customers taste is following the trend to changing their wearing style. (S5, O1, and O3) even the companies are produce the product for all age, but the cloths design is not in trend. For example, nowadays the Koreas cloth, cosmetic and shoes is very popular, and this trend are come to Malaysia too, and base on the product that they place to the shop, we can notice that it more focus on adult.

To increase more customers especially the youth, company need to design the cloth which is more on Korea style, it will increase the potential youth customer to purchase the product. It will increase the demand and profitability too.

Besides, Padini Holding Bhd is very successful to generate their business, because they are doing the online shopping and having many retail outlets to increase the profitability (S3, S4, and O1) of the company.

But, for retain the long term customer relationship, Padini Holding Bhd need to giving the feedback or survey form to the customer in the retail outlet and online shopping, so that Padini Holding Bhd will know the customer preference and base on the feedback form to implement the product, it will improve the product quality, customer relationship and loyalty.

To increase the companies profit, Padini Holding Bhd have to doing some promotion to attract more customers purchase the product during the festival day such as Hari Raya, Chinese Year year and so on.

To retain the customers and encourage purchasing more, Padini Holding Bhd can give some vouchers, discount, and also can giving the lucky draw for them when customers are purchase in certain amount. In (S1, S3, S4 and T1), Padini Holding Bhd is leading brand to Malaysia, to establish the company, and let many other customers to know the company, the strategy that state at above also can use it